Drone Services

Urban Development

Our UAV systems are being used and deployed to quickly collect, aggregate, analyze and deliver highly accurate and highly detailed city maps: the foundation of a smart city. This data facilitates applications that improve operations, engage residents and support communities.

  • Illegal Boundary & Extension
  • Asset Management
  • Property Tax Evaluation
  • Land Records Management
  • Smart City Solutions
  • Encroachment Monitoring
  • Ulitity Mapping
  • Land Use Classification
  • Vegetation Analysis
  • Creating Development Control Rules
mapping image

Drones For Terrain Mapping

Surveying and mapping industrial environments is time-consuming, difficult and often dangerous. The completely automatic drone mapping platform is a professional tool that allows surveyors and mappers to collect unlimited aerial data and precise measurements, while saving time, money and manpower. Eliminating the logistics of drone operations, we provide scheduled and on-demand aerial data collection, and premium processing and analytics capabilities to support critical processes such as stock pile volume measurements, terrain mapping, site planning and more.

Volumetric Analysis

We specialise in highly accurate surveys of stockpiles using drones. These drones are equipped with a high-resolution digital camera that has been geometrically calibrated to perform measurements. The measurements are based on the principle of photogrammetry whereby terrain heights are extracted from a series of overlapping images.

This method gives a number of advantages over traditional (land based) survey methods:

  • Safe: people are not required to climb on steep and unstable stockpile slopes
  • Fast: we can measure up to 100 ha in one day of survey.
  • Accurate: typical accuracies of 20 mm are obtained.
  • Complete: the method yields over 100 measurements
  • per square meter giving a complete image and thus more accurate results.
Volumetric Analysis

Railways & Roadways

Volumetric Analysis

Drones in the Railway industry have become a piece of necessary equipment for stable railway inspection systems. They are employed to monitor significant railway infrastructures such as high-voltage electrical lines, railway catenary lines, and even tracks and switching points. With drone technology's assistance, extensive drone imagery is obtained, to magnify the process of defect detections, crack detections, and additional dangers quickly. The more frequent the inspections are the higher railway security, dependability, and scheduled performance there is. Higher productivity would, in return, reduce expenses and warrant overall productivity from the industry.

Drones are also used for advance survellience and guidance. In case of any irregularity further down the railway track, drones can provide advance warning signs to advert danger.

Volumetric Analysis

Transmission Line Inspection

Companies dealing in Electric utility items are considering drones as one of the most efficient as well as safe alternatives for traditional inspection work of electric utility. Drones in many cases are now eliminating application of highly-skilled linemen with expensive onsite equipment. Infrastructure always plays a responsible role towards ensuring quality operation for businesses and households. It is mandatory to make sure that infrastructure is always in perfect condition. Our drones achive just this.

Power Line Stringing

Line pulling as a job involves great danger. Transmission line workers, everywhere in the world put their lives at risk every time they go out for repairing old lines or laying out new ones. However, with our Drone technology this operation can be done with ease leading to significant cost benefits and improved security, in contrast to conventional systems.

Solar Inspection

Solar panel fields, like any other artificial infrastructure objects, require periodical inspections. Usually photovoltaic (PV) solar panel field inspection requires use of two sensors - infrared (IR) and daylight cameras, to detect faulty panels which heat up because of connection issues, physical damage or debris. Drone equipped with thermal camera is the best choice for solar panel field inspection, as in most cases it saves costs compared to manned aviation and saves time compared to visual control with handheld IR camera.

Wind Turbine Inspection

Wind turbines provide a clean way to generate electricity. However, a wind turbine is a sophisticated and expensive device, often costing millions. The owners of these devices need them to be running at maximum efficiency with minimal downtime. We provide an economic, reliable and safe solution for wind turbine blade inspection using UAV’s. Our inspection techniques provides High Definition videos and Ultra high resolution imagery of the blade which previously was only achievable by rope climbing maintenance team.

Medical Drones

  • Telemedicine or medical support including diagnostics, drugs, vaccine etc
  • Lab samples or blood, as well as unique products brought to small or remote clinics or hospitals
  • Medical supplies, including vaccines or anti-venom, to disaster relief or disease exposed regions
  • Prescriptions and other supplies to hard-to-reach people including those at sea or hill stations
  • Organs for transplantation
  • Defibrillators to patients in cardiac arrest

Drones for Search and Rescue

A search and rescue drone is an unmanned aircraft used by emergency services, such as police officers, firefighters or volunteer rescue teams, ideal for searching over vast areas for missing persons and crime victims in need of rescue and in any environment.

UAVs can provide real-time visual information and data in the aftermath of an earthquake or hurricane.


  • Search for suspects and missing persons
  • Accident or crime scene investigation/documentation
  • Search and recovery missions
  • Disaster & emergency analysis

Damage Assessments

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are useful for disaster response, recovery, and mitigation, providing imagery and information on real-time conditions and situational awareness for first responders and emergency managers. UAS can be equipped with sensors to detect body heat, and sound, and can be flown inside or outside damaged buildings to search for trapped people, and can also be used to conduct searches at night, to locate stranded or injured victims. UAS can fly into dangerous, inaccessible locations such as radioactive areas or places contaminated by hazardous materials


UAV Based Surveillance & Monitoring
  • Law and Order
  • Defence
  • Wildlife
  • Mining
  • Project Monitoring
Urban and Rural Administration
  • Smart City Mapping
  • Digitization of Land Records
  • GIS Based Surveying
  • Change Detection
  • 3D Modeling & Contour Mapping
Infrastructure Surveying
  • Pre Construction Surveying
  • Corridor Mapping
  • Transmission Line Survey
  • Road, Railways & Canal Surveying
  • Vegetation Growth & Change Detection
Operation and Maintenance
  • Transmission lines
  • Solar Power
  • Wind Power
  • Chimney Inspection
  • Sub-Station Inspection
  • Damage Assessments
Agriculture Mapping
  • Crop Survey
  • Yield Forecasting
  • Crop Health
  • 3D Modeling
  • Digitization of Irrigation Infrastructure
Forest Mapping
  • Afforestation Programme
  • Tree Counting
  • 3D Modeling